How To Play

The Game Inside The Big Game

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The Official Party Pool should be completed in full before the start of The Big Game.

1. Unfold the Official Party Pool.

2. Write each team name on the designated lines labeled Team Name outside of the Pool grid.

3. Participants take turns placing their initials (or any letters or symbols etc. they want to use to identify themselves; numbers may not be used) in the Pool squares of their choice to “claim it.” All squares should be “claimed”

4. Shuffle the supplied number cards and draw one. Write the drawn number in any box labeled “#” across the top of the Pool board. Repeat until every card has been drawn and each “#” square has been filled in. Repeat this process to fill in the “#” column on the left side of the Pool board.


6. At the end of each quarter of play, locate the last number of each team’s score in the “#” row and column. Follow that row and column to their intersection square on the Pool board to determine that quarter’s winner.

7. Write the winner at the end of each quarter in the designated area at the bottom of the pool, so all participants can follow along throughout the game.

8. Be sure to bring The Official Party Pool to your next Big Game!

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